Celebrating 25 years!

Prior to 1982, when the alpha particle was really no more than an interesting radiation event observed in the lab, the concept of performing an alpha particle measurement on a given sample meant creating an electro-deposition prepared sample for observation under a photomultiplier tube, or using a Si based detector, or one of several other methods, all of which were relatively difficult to create samples for. Additionally, nearly each detection method had its own inherent background (signal noise that looks like an alpha count), some worse than others. In 1982, the original Model 850 Alpha Counter was developed by Spectrum Sciences of Santa Clara, CA. Spectrum was involved in the support and manufacturing of the most current radiation detection and measurement tools of the time, and the creation of the Model 850 was spawned by the new requirement from the semiconductor industry to detect and measure alpha particle radiation. The Model 850 Alpha Particle Counter became commercially available in 1983. Back then, most felt the issue of alpha particles would be eventually taken care of. To the contrary, the issue of alpha particles and their effects on today's ultra fine structures has simply compounded, typically on an exponential level. As Spectrum was still involved in several different technologies, in 1999 Alpha Sciences was created to focus on building and supporting the alpha particle counting equipment and provide counting services.

And so, since it's humble beginnings in 1982, well over 700 alpha particle counters and nine different models have been created. Our equipment operates in 12 different countries on 3 different continents, and we provide
alpha particle counting services to customers located in more than 20 countries around the world. Our alpha particle counting systems are specifically or indirectly cited in 14 different published papers, standards, and references. If imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery, then we are most humbled by the many different copies of our system we have seen over the years. Due to several proprietary manufacturing steps we use, in 25 years no one has yet been able to reproduce the background and efficiency in a comparable gas flow counter. Add to that the fact that we routinely service counters that are sometimes more than 7 years old, and one can see why these tools continue to be the number one alpha counting system available today.

We've been proud to carry on the tradition of dependable equipment backed by dependable service. We gratefully thank our loyal customers, and look forward to providing many more years of service and equipment.

At your service,
the Alpha Sciences Staff


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