Alpha Particle Counting Services

Need to know the alpha particle emission rate from your sample? Standard testing in our lab provides for a 24-48 hour observation of your  sample, or longer if the material is very low in alpha activity. You are provided with a 2 page report that graphically displays the alpha  activity based on time, the overall observed counts, and the final value of the sample in terms of alpha particles per square centimeter per hour, 2 pi. The report also indicates test parameters, sample ID, counter serial number and background. These tests are non-destructive, and samples can be returned after counting. Please contact us for pricing and scheduling of sample counts.

ASI sample report  
Sample screen image from the Alpha Sciences Inc. low background alpha particle counter, showing the data available to the customer.
Note the hourly indication of activity, shown with alpha particles observed per hour. When using our counting services, a print out of
this screen is provided with your formal sample count report.


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