Alpha Sciences and iRoC Technologies join forces-

    For Immediate Release – As of March 1, 2007, Alpha Sciences Inc. of Milpitas, CA and iRoC Technologies of Grenoble, France, have begun a technology and service partnership, providing a one-stop solution for customers seeking radiation measurement and effects related to the semiconductor industry. According to Mike Tucker, Managing Director at Alpha Sciences Inc. “ With the creation of this partnership, both companies will continue to provide their own respective services and will remain separate organizations. However, by combining our resources, experience and geographic coverage, we can increase our individual exposure, and provide a more complete and efficient service to the customer.”

    Tucker continues “It is a well documented fact dating back more than 25 years that radiation induced “soft errors”, from both celestial and terrestrial sources, are causing increasing numbers of failures in the ever decreasing geometry of current integrated circuit designs. As technology moves into the 65 and 45 nm levels, the amount of radiation induced soft errors will increase exponentially, more so with the lower operating voltages being considered.”

    Alpha particles are known as the terrestrial based or localized source of radiation, most commonly in the form of Uranium and/or Thorium (and their progeny). Alpha Sciences provides equipment for sale and training focused on the alpha particle detection and measurement of all parts related to the semiconductor device, the goal being to reduce the amount of inherent alpha emitters in the device and surrounding packaging. In addition, Alpha Sciences provides testing services at their labs, wherein customers can have samples tested for emission reports. “In the last year, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the demand for both the counting services and equipment, indicating the alpha issue is not going to go away anytime soon” added Tucker.

    Celestial radiation in a myriad of forms bombards the Earth constantly, with several cascading levels of particles (neutrons and pions particularly) actually reaching the Earth surface, capable of causing these radiation induced errors. iRoC Technologies, with a U.S. office in Santa Clara, CA, provides a wide spectrum of testing and measurement capabilities related to the medium and high energy particles associated with celestial born radiation, along with alpha induced errors, in integrated circuit designs.

    “At iRoC’s test division, we’ve been focusing on bringing the best quality of service to serve Soft Error testing demand, the large part of which being on Cosmic ray testing.” said Olivier Lauzeral, General Manager at iRoC Technologies in Santa Clara. “We are seeing now a growing concern in the industry about alpha particle effects. The partnership with Alpha Sciences will complement iRoC’s alpha particle test offering with packaging alpha emission measurement, so our customers will have the best set of data to understand all the sources of soft error related issues in their design.”

    Radiation induced soft errors are a large factor in the success or failure of a given product design. With pre-testing of the device, from as early as measuring the molding compound alpha flux rate, to the final stages of neutron beam bombardment for FIT rates at one of the various labs, customers can determine their design susceptibility well before the final product is released to manufacturing. Having iRoC and Alpha Sciences working together provides the customer with this complete service, all by simply contacting either supplier.

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